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European Crisis on Mauna Kea: Dutch Leave Telescope; British Expected to Follow Suit

The Dutch will withdraw their 20 percent ownership of the James Clark Maxwell Telescope in 2013. Meanwhile the British are expected to withdraw their 25 percent ownership of Gemini.

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Space Race: 42-metre telescope in Chile tops 30-metre scope on Mauna Kea for Top Opt

Ground hasn’t even been broken on Mauna Kea for the new 30 Metre Telescope which is scheduled to become operational in 2018 and was billed as the world’s largest telescope. Now comes plans the 42-metre European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) … Continue reading

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Environmental Impact Statement for World’s Largest Observatory on Mauna Kea

The Mauna Kea Management Board has recommended approval of the enivronmental impact statement for the Thirty Meter Telescope which would be the world’s largest and most advanced observatory if it is built. If the approval is achieved construction would begin … Continue reading

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