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IPhone/Android Mountain Applications

There’s some talk about building a highpoint app. That got us searching and here’s some existing apps: *Peaks – Identifies mountains based on your camera and gps (for Iphone) *14ers – Helps with route info on 14’ers (for android) *Geocache … Continue reading

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Backpack In Your Own 500 Watt Hydroelectric Power Plant

When you really, really, really need the extra juice to run your ipad, why not carry along your own 30-pound hydroelectric power plant. Set it up on any stream deeper than four feet (running at 7.5 feet/second), dig two trenches … Continue reading

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JakPak Combines Jacket, Sleeping Bag and Tent

Why backpack your tent and sleeping bag when you can wear it? Jakpak Gizmodo article Like this:Like Loading…

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Alpine Club Buys Mount McKinley Model

The Alaska section of the American Alpine Club has purchased a detailed model of Mount McKinley that contain 10,000 data points per square inch and is aimed to help climbers understand the mountain. Like this:Like Loading…

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O'Neill Europe Solar Backpack Powers Ipod and Bluetooth Cell Phones

O’Neill Europe is marketing a solar backpack that will power your Ipod and Bluetooth wireless headset. Like this:Like Loading…

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Artist Sells $215 Sneakers With Map and Compass Built In for Aliens

The BBC and other sources report a New York artist is selling sneakers for illegal aliens for $215 that include a built in map and compass. Like this:Like Loading…

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Cell Phone GPS Coordinates Leader to Rescue on Greylock Trail in Colorado

The Windsor Tribune reports a woman was rescued in Poudre Canyon after a dispatcher used GPS directions to locate her. Like this:Like Loading…

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Witches of Jerimoth Hill

In playing with the print.google.com I came across an excerpt from Haunted Heritage talking about the witches of Jerimoth Hill. Like this:Like Loading…

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Telescope Size of Football Stadium Proposed for Mauna Kea

A Canadian company is seeking to build the world’s largest telescope — the size of a football field — on Mauna Kea. Like this:Like Loading…

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Use Your Water Bottle as a Flashlight

Lightcap has unveiled a solar powered cap for your water bottle. Like this:Like Loading…

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