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Helicopter Rescue Following 25 Foot Fall on Mount Lemmon

KVOA reports Walthand Mooseman fell 25 feet while climbing Mount Lemmon near Windy Point in Arizona.

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Smokies Rangers Rescue Dog From 70 Foot Deep Sinkhole

WATE reports Smoky Mountains ranger rappelled into a 70-foot sinkhole to rescue a lost hunting dogs near Cades Cove.

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Fourteener Access Issue Makes Front Page of NY Times

Private property access restrictions to Colorado Fourteeners made the front page of the New York Times on Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005.

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Rochester Scouts Get 2 of the 10 Size Limit Tickets Issued This Year in the Adirondacks

The New York Times reports that a Rochester Scout Troop received two of only 10 group size tickets issued this year in the Adirondack High Peaks.

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Fatal 90 Foot Fall at Paradise Forks, Arizona

Arizona Central reports Shelley Windsor, 31, of Mesa died last Saturday after falling more than 90 feet from a canyon wall at Paradise Forks, a popular climbing area 30 miles west of Flagstaff.

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TV Documentary "The Wonderland Project" About Record For Running 97 Mile Trail in Under 26 Hours

KCTS in Seattle is to air The Wonderland Project about an attempt to circumnavigating Washington’s Mt. Rainier, in a single 24 hour push.

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Early Season Mines Peak, Colorado, Avalanche Fatal to Man and Dog

WCF Courier reports an early early avalanche on Mines Peak in Colorado killed Samuel Teetzen of Littleton, CO, and his pet golden retriever.

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Cell Phone GPS Coordinates Leader to Rescue on Greylock Trail in Colorado

The Windsor Tribune reports a woman was rescued in Poudre Canyon after a dispatcher used GPS directions to locate her.

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Sierra Snowpack Limits 2005 Pacific Crest Trail Completers to 50

The Port Townsend Leader reports that only 50 people completed the 2,658-mile trail Pacific Crest Trail in 2005 thanks largely to heavy snowpack which closed many of the passes in the Sierras.

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Entire Mount Washington Hotel Put Up on Ebay For Katrina Relief

To raise money for Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, the Mount Washington Hotel is auctioning itself off online. The winner gets the complete use of the hotel, all 200 rooms, which accommodate 500 people.

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