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Software: National Park Font

In looking at the Rushmore backside we were curious how they got the National Park fonts. Here’s a source. Among their hundreds (if not thousands) of fonts are several if you are looking to create highway or street signs. Like … Continue reading

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Coordinates for 50 highpoints for Delorme Topo 5.0

John McGee passes along this file for uploading the coordinates of the 50 highpoints to Delorme Topo 5.0 Like this:Like Loading…

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Free Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Data at Geocomm

The raw elevation data in Digital Elevation Models (DEM) format used to be on the USGS site and freely downloadable. The files are huge (at least 2-3 meg compressed in .gz format). Geocomm has a contract to offer them free … Continue reading

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Richard Horne’s Amazing 3DEM Software is Coolest Free DEM Software!

Richard Horne has a freeware program 3DEM which is the coolest DEM maniuplation program anywhere. The program can make stunning 3D rotation movies, 3D VRML worlds and it spectacularly visualizes Digital Elevation Model data. It is the source of the … Continue reading

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Geofunc.xla Excel Add-In to Calculate Geometry Functions

There are many ways to calculate longitude/latitude data via Excel. You can do it manually with complicated formulas. But the easiest way is to install the Geofuc.xla Excel add-in. This site explains it.. Like this:Like Loading…

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Vertcon 2.1 To Convert NGVD 29 Heights to NAVD 88

In 1988 authorities discovered that gravity affected the measurements of heights (which had been based on 1929 principles). The results mean that big mountains such as the Rockies are as much as 6-7 feet higher (or more) and lower lying … Continue reading

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VRML Cortonna Plug-In Browser (free)

There were high hopes for the Virtual Rendering Modeling Language (VRML) in the late 1990’s because it would permit web visitors to immerse themselves in a 3D World. However VRML never quite lived up to the billing as it is … Continue reading

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