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Democrats Reported Endorsing Renaming Mount Rainier to Ti’ swaq

We can’t find a news report to verify this but Kalvin Satiacum sent us a message about the renaming of Mount Rainier to Ti’ swaq: The resolution to restore the native name to the sacred mountain, has gained incredible momentum … Continue reading

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Senate Votes to Name Highest Unnamed Peak for Ted Stevens

The U.S. Senate has voted to name the highest unnamed peak in Denali National Park (and highest unnamed peak in Alaska) for Senator Ted Stevens who died this summer. The peak was formerly popularly referred to as South Hunter Peak … Continue reading

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Washington Abolishes Board on Geographic Names

Washington became the first state to totally abolish its Board on Geographic Names — even though its staff had been volunteer for the last months. Guess it’s time to rename Mount Rainier to Ti’Swaq.

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Poll: Mount Rainier Renaming

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Proposal to Rename Mount Rainier to “Ti’ swaq'”

Native Americans are seeking to rename Mount Rainier to Ti’ swaq’. There have been unsuccessful efforts over the years to name the mountain for Americanized variations of the name — Tahoma, Tacoma, etc. and the Native Americans say it should … Continue reading

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Polls: Should Boundary Peak, Nevada Be Renamed “Mount Reagan”?

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Proposal to Rename Boundary Peak to “Mount Reagan” Falters

A German site (translate) reports that a move to rename Boundary Peak to “Mount Reagan” has apparently faltered after local Nevada residents opposed it. The Reagan Legacy Project is now looking for some peak around Las Vegas.

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Feds Veto Mount Reagan Name in Presidentials

The feds have vetoed plan to rename Mount Clay to Mount Reagan in the Presidentials. New Hampshire had supported the changed in 2003. The article notes that in 1913, Mount Clinton, named for DeWitt Clinton, governor was renamed Mount Pierce … Continue reading

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