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Fatality on North Side of Mount Hood

A climber on the north side of Mount Hood near the Coe Glacier about the 9,500 foot level near the Snow Dome died on June 16. Details are sketchy and poor weather meant that his body was left on the … Continue reading

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30th Anniversary of Filming The Shining at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood

James Parker at Atlantic Magazine has an article on visiting locations for the filming of the Shining on its 30th anniversary including Timeberline Lodge on Mount Hood.

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2 Rescued on Mount Hood After Doing Everything Right

Two climbers did everything right in a rescue in white out conditions on Mount Hood. Mark Till and his son Robbie called for help giving authorities their GPS coordinates, activated a locator beacon, placed a bright-colored helmet on top of … Continue reading

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Mount Hood Cycling Classic June 1-6

The Mount Hood Cycling Classic is June 1-6. This year’s course had to have some course changes because of unplowed snow on part of the original course. The course closest to the mountain itself is Stage 4 Wy’East Road Race … Continue reading

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Trucking Down Snow For Late Season Winter Events

It started on Mount Hood when students trucked down snow from Mount Hood for snow on the quad event in 2005 with snowboarding and other winter activities. It’s now spread to the Campus Jam Rail Tour at several western universities … Continue reading

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Government Camp Votes to Remain Unincorporated

Government Camp on Mount Hood voted on May 18 to remain unincorporated.

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Swarm Quakes on Mount Hood

Mount Hood reports a series of swarm earthquakes with the biggest so far being 3.0 on May 14. The last swarm was July 2006 which peaked at 2.1 quake. In 2002 more than 200 quakes including a 4.5 hit the … Continue reading

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Boy Who Wished for Mount Hood Snow Passes

Here’s a sad finale to a tale of a 9-year-old boy with leukemia who wanted to see snow this winter. He friends and family brought down truckloads from Mount Hood. He has passed.

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Bike Park Stirs Controversy at Timberline Lodge

A proposed bike park is stirring controversy at Timberline Lodge which according to the National Park Service would not be compatible with the National Register of Historic Places character of the lodge.

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1,000 Teams in Hood to Coast Relay

The 26th annual Hood to Coast run from Timberline Line Lodge to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside Oregon starts today. In addition to the 197-mile Hood to Coast run the 124-mile Portland to Coast Walk and High School Challenge is … Continue reading

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