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Pikeville, Kentucky, Asks Coal Companies To Blow Up 2 Mountains

Pikeville, Kentucky, is asking coal companies to remove two mountain tops to make room for more development for the town.

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Ohio Doesn't Like How Arcata is Treating Its McKinley Monument

Canton, Ohio, doesn’t like how Arcata, California, is treating its statue of William McKinley.

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O'Neill Europe Solar Backpack Powers Ipod and Bluetooth Cell Phones

O’Neill Europe is marketing a solar backpack that will power your Ipod and Bluetooth wireless headset.

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Never Turn Your Back on A Turkey (and Other Bird Woes)

The Chicago Tribune has an amazing list of stories of tom turkeys defending the roost.

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Forest Service Wants Folks To Quit Putting Christmas Decorations on Trees Leading to Sedona

AZCentral reports Coconino National Forest officials are urging people to quit putting up Christmas decorations on the trees on Arizona 179 between Oak Creek and Sedona and on Arizona 89A between Sedona and Cottonwood.

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Artist Sells $215 Sneakers With Map and Compass Built In for Aliens

The BBC and other sources report a New York artist is selling sneakers for illegal aliens for $215 that include a built in map and compass.

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Controversy as New Hampshire Itemizes Taxes Based on Views of the White Mountains

Brietbart reports that controversy is raging in New Hampshire after assessors have dramatically increased property taxes based on a “view tax” for views of the White Mountains.

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Hualapai Plan January 2006 Dedication of Glass Bottomed Grand Canyon Skywalk 4,000 Feet Above the Canyon Floor

A press release indicates the Hualapai plan to dedicate a glass bottomed walk jutting 70 over the Grand Canyon and 4,000 feet above the canyon floor in January 2006.

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"Lost" Utah Hiker Winds Up in Jail

KSL reports Bryan Butas has wound up in a Utah jail on a charge of insurance fraud following a massive search for him in August when it was reported he was missing on a hiking trip.

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Starbucks Trademark Fighting Mount Rainier Logo Knockoff

The Seattle Times reports Starbucks is having to defend its trademark around the world as imitators make substitions including in Japan where the mermaid is replaced with Mount Rainier.

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