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Teen Airlifted After Fall on Huntington Ravine on Mount Washington

Sean McCarthy, 17, was airlifted off Mount Washington after he fell about two-thirds of the way up the headwall on Huntington Ravine.

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Maine, Virginia and Georgia Considering Corporate Sponsorship of State Parks

New Hampshire, Maine, Virginia and Georgia are considering corporate sponsorships of state parks. This could include corporate names on uniforms. Some state parks in Virginia already have corporate sponsored trail direction kiosks.

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$200,000 Raised in Seek the Peak Mount Washington Climb

Subaru reports that nearly $200,000 was raised in the 10th annual “Seek the Peak” climb of Mount Washington.

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Syfy Network Ghosthunters at Mount Washington Lodge

Members of the Queensbury Paranormal Investigation Team are filming at the Mount Washington Lodge for an episode of SyFy Network’s “Ghosthunters.”

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Fatality on Tuckerman Ravine on Mount Washington

Christopher Bailli, 24, hiking off trail on Tuckerman Ravine slipped on rocks and fell to his death over the waterfall on July 18.

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July Snow on Mount Washington

A dusting of snow on Mount Washington on July 1 briefly closed the toll road.

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Tornado Reported June 5 North of Mount Washington in Gorham

A tornado was reported June 5 north of Mount Washington in Gorham.

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Quebec Wildfires Dropping Ash on Mount Washington

The Mount Washington Observatory reports that wildfires from Quebec are dropping ash on the mountain. We got this originally from their facebook page.

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Mount Washington Seeks Help Finding Bat Cave

Mount Washington is seeking help finding a bat cave. There have been lots of reports of bats on cog railroad side of the mountain and there’s speculation that bats may be hibernating high on the mountain in an unknown cave … Continue reading

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Mount Washington Drops from Record High of 58 on May 2 to 13 degrees on May 9

Mount Washington tied a record high of 58 on May 2 and in the late season cold snap which has frozen out almost all the Northeast peaks including High Point, NJ, reported a 13 degrees on May 9.

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