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February 2, 2006 Linkage

State Highpoint News Mt. Hood snowpack 122 percent of average 05:34 PM PST on Tuesday, January 31, 2006 More than three times the amount of snow has fallen this year atop Mount Hood than last year, reaping benefits for Oregon … Continue reading

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Ameren Only Had to Check 4 Items At Taum Sauk Reservoir Once A Week

Ameren has released its last inspection (Dec. 8, 2005) of the Taum Sauk Upper Reservoir that collapsed on Dec. 14.

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Ameren: New Madrid Quake Not At Fault in Taum Sauk Disaster

Ameren in a report to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission says it does not believe a 1.9 earthquake 100 miles to the southeast on the New Madrid fault played any role six hours later in the December 14, 2005, Taum … Continue reading

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Spin Control: Ameren Blames It on Rita for September Taum Sauk Overflow

A press release from Ameren says the September overflow at Taum Sauk was caused by waves from Hurricane Rita.

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Why Isn't Ameren Showing Contrition Over Taum Sauk Disaster?

You really have to wonder why Ameren has not been showing any contrition in the Taum Sauk disaster.

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Taum Sauk Reservoir Overflowed in September

The Taum Sauk Reservoir had a Niagra Falls style overflow on September 26 at the same spot that collapsed on December 14 — one day after the reservoir received an engineering award.

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Last Taum Sauk Child Goes Home

Tanner Toops, the last child injured in the Taum Sauk disaster has gone home.

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Overweight Trucks Permitted to Carry Away Taum Sauk Debris

Gov. Blunt has issued an order permitting overweight trucks to carry away Taum Sauk debris.

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Sophisticated LIDAR Mapping of Taum Sauk Disaster

Sanborn CEO John Copple today announced the company has been contracted to provide high-density lidar data to the state of Missouri to support restoration efforts in the ruin caused by a wall of water that rushed through a rural area … Continue reading

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Taum Sauk Dubbed Brokeback Mountain

A John Darkow cartoon in the

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