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ABC Television Show “Resurrection” Set in Arcadia, Missouri, Premieres March 9

The ABC television show “Resurrection” which is set in Arcadia, Missouri, by Taum Sauk premieres March 9. There will be a screen March 6 at the Arcadia Academy. The show is not actually being filmed in Arcadia and there’s a … Continue reading

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Ozark Trail Through Taum Sauk Listed as #3 Best in Missouri

The Southeast Missourian has a list of the 10 best hikes in the state. The Ozark Trail through Taum Sauk was #3.

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Taum Sauk Board Disbands Giving $7 million to Reynolds and Iron Counties

Reynolds and Iron Counties to receive $7 million in funds after the Taum Sauk Fund Board has dissolved. The board had been created to distribute funds the resulted in assessments following the 2005 Taum Sauk pumped storage collapse.

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Legend of Mina Sauk

The Southeast Missourian has an article on Mina Sauk for whom Missouri highest waterfalls (and part of Taum Sauk) is named. As usual it’s a sad tale involving an Indian maiden. In this tale her father Sauk-ton-qua and the tribesmen … Continue reading

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1935 Taum Sauk Trip Report: Park at the Goat Herder’s Cabin

Here’s an amusing 1935 Taum Sauk trip report noting that you need to park the goat herders cabin. The report says: To go to Taum Sauk the mountain climber needs to give attention to explicit directions. The Girardeans took Highway … Continue reading

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Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Largest Rolled Concrete Structure in North America

The Taum Sauk Pumped Storage Plant which just opened is North America’s largest roller compacted concrete placement to date. Concrete products notes: A new upper-reservoir portion, crest and 3.5-ft. parapet wall combine for the RCC record, easily besting PCA-noted stalwarts … Continue reading

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How the Taum Sauk Collapse in Eastern Missouri Extended the KATY Trail in Western Missouri

There have been numerous articles celebrating the 20th anniversary of the KATY bicycle trail from Machens near St. Louis west to Clinton, which is 77 miles southeast of Kansas City. As part of the $18 million Ameren settlement with the … Continue reading

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Johnson Shut Ins Campground Moved to Higher Ground Following 2005 Disaster

The rebuilt Johnson Shut Ins Campground has opened following the 2005 Taum Sauk Reservoir disaster as part of Ameren’s $180 million settlement with Missouri. The campground which was on the Black River and thus washed away is now higher up … Continue reading

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Taum Sauk Reservoir Begins Producing Electricity

The Taum Sauk pumped electric station is now officially producing electricity. There are several connections in this case with Highpointers Club.

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Video of Taum Sauk Reservoir Construction

Here’s an interesting article and video on the Taum Sauk reservoir construction. Roller-Compacted Concrete Delivers Rapid, Efficient Dam Rebuild which was posted January 27, 2010.

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