3D Maps of Mount Everest

Everest 3D – 3D RealityMaps from 3D RealityMaps on Vimeo.

You can view 3d maps of Mount Everest here.

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Resort Maps Celebrates 100 Maps

Since this popped into our keyword searches, I’ll pass along this item about Resort Maps which has maps of popular highpoint areas of the including Mount Washington, Mount Mansfield, Mount Marcy, Mount Greylock, Mount Mitchell, Clingmans Dome:

Resort Maps, creator of customized travel maps, has made a name for itself by showcasing local advertisers for tourists and residents and encouraging them to enjoy the journey as well as their final destination. Holding true to that philosophy, Resort Maps, with maps across the United States, United Kingdom, Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, recently celebrated the publishing of its 100 map location.

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Google Spectacular New Map Service

Google has unveiled the beta version of its online map program. It has the usual Google niceties — no ads and astonishingly fast. One of the coolest features is that you can drag the map to move it making it even easier to use than even disk based maps. It doesn’t publicize it but you can also get longitude/latitude maps simply by searching latitude/longitude pairs. For instance to find Cheaha you would enter the pairs.
33.4855, -85.8091

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Microsoft Seeks Patent on Longitude/Latitude

Slashdot has got tongues wagging over what it considers in essence an attempt by Micosoft to patent latitude/longitude over the presentation of data. The problem Microsoft says is that latitude/longitude in URL’s can take up too many digits. In the example in its patent application it notes to get one meter accuracy, the URL would have to be 19 charcters (e.g., 122.12926,47.64932). As I understand it, Microsoft is proposing to shorten the notation to base-30 notations so that alphabetic characters could be used thus shortening the URL. Comments on slashdot note that Microsoft would have been better off to using base-60 notations (e.g., 60 minutes in a degree, etc.) to comments that if this was implemented Microsoft would have a proprietary method of interacting with maps.


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Navy Investigates Why Nuclear Sub Hit Undersea Mountain Which Was Not on U.S. But Was On Russian Map

The New York Times and other newspapers have released dramatic photos of the Nuclear Submarine USS San Francisco which collided head on at top speed (30 knots) with an uncharted undersea mountain 500 feet below the surface 360 miles southeast of of Guam on January 8. The crashed killed one and injured 60. Still it survived thanks to its inner hall. Authorities say the mountain was on Russian charts for five years. It noted the U.S. had not updated its chart since 1989 even though satellite photos had shown the mountain. The photos of the sub show a destroyed front end of the sub with hull peeled backed to the inner hull. Authorities say the fiberglass front dome which has sonar gear was designed with flooded water and that cushioned the blow. The Navy has reassigned the sub’s captain while they investigate. The sub was built in 1981 and overhauled in 2002.

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Coordinates for 50 highpoints for Delorme Topo 5.0

John McGee passes along this file for uploading the coordinates of the 50 highpoints to Delorme Topo 5.0

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Mytopo Gets Big Coverage Prior to NFC Championship Game

Mytopo.com is about to get the highest attention I’ve ever seen for a topo mapmaker. Their maps are to be used immediately prior to the NFC Championship game on Sunday between Philadelphia and Atlanta during CBS Coverage of the Subaru Primal Quest adventure race. You can download .pdf maps at the mytopo web site. They are the actual maps you buy. I have always said mytopo maps are the coolest of all mapping options given their waterproof quality and ability to combine quads to your specific needs. We have links to the Mytopo maps for highpoints on americasroof guide page. At topozone.com you always have the option to print mytopo maps.

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Where To Buy Maps

Getting the classic USGS paper quad maps is an almost obsolete now with cooler options to get the maps so I’m not listing the paper map dealers here. You can find them via google though.

The coolest mapping option is mytopo.com. You can get customized maps which can span multiple quads centered precisely where you want. The maps look awesome and are waterproof. We have mytopo options for all state highpoints on our highpoints list!. Mytopo has partnered with topozone and any map there can be bought by clicking on the option (on the lower left of the topozone map).

Maps are also available in the state highpoint guidebooks (more…)

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Richard Horne’s Amazing 3DEM Software is Coolest Free DEM Software!

Richard Horne has a freeware program 3DEM which is the coolest DEM maniuplation program anywhere. The program can make stunning 3D rotation movies, 3D VRML worlds and it spectacularly visualizes Digital Elevation Model data. It is the source of the visualizations here.

Visit the page.

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Wheeler Peak, New Mexico, VRML World

Mount Wheeler, New Mexico, VRML Map
The image above is from the Wheeler Peak VRML world below. WARNING: IT IS HIGH BANDWIDTH (500K). You will need the free VRML browser plug in to see it. You navigate it with your mouse. The coolest way to look navigate is to hit the EXAMINE/STUDY option (third button down).

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