Biggest Search in Baxter State Park in 40 Years After Hiker Bushwhacks Off Knife Edge

Baxter State Park rangers have found Michael Hays from Stow, Ohio, after he disappeared while climbing the Knife Edge Trail on Katahdin. The search began after he did not sign out at the register. He was discovered after three days about a mile and half from the trail when tracks were found in a snow bank. He had a crushed knee cap and was covered in insect bites. They said it was the biggest search in the park since the 1970s. One of the searchers had to be airlifted after injuring a knee.

Details are now coming including that Hays was injured when he was bushwhacking off the knife edge and that rescuers had discovered that he had tried to check his voice mail from the mountain although he did not have a strong enough signal to call for help. It was also revealed that he was on a highpointing trip with planned hikes up Mount Washington and Mount Mansfield.

The press release notes rescues were from Acadia National Park and MESARD, Dirigo, Waldo, Lincoln, Mid-Coast, Wilderness, Mahoosuc Mountain and York County Rescue Teams and that the helicopter was from Maine Forest Service.

The video above is the most popular in the search for knife edge and maine.

Followup: Officials say they will not charge Hays for the search because he appeared to be “an experienced hiker who was properly equipped.”

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Baxter Opens Abol Trail to Katahdin/All others closed

Baxter State Park reports on May 25:

Hunt Trail and Abol Trail are open in their entirety. All other Katahdin Trails remain closed at this time. Traveler Trails are open. Expect to find numerous blow downs on all hiking trails at this time. The Park Tote Road is now open all the way through the Park and the Roaring Brook Road is open to Roaring Brook Campground. All Campgrounds in the Park except Chimney Pond are open.


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Books: Lost on a Mountain In Maine

Times Union has this article on the best outdoor books. Included in the list is the 1992 book by twelve-year-old Donn Fendler who in the 1920s got lost on Katahdin for several days. It is considered an important children’s book.

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Baxter Ranger’s Book on How Teddy Roosevelt’s Katahdin Ascent Helped Shape His Life

Baxter State Park ranger Andrew Vietze has a book Becoming Teddy Roosevelt: How a Maine Guide Inspired America’s 26th President about how Maine guide William Wingate Sewall helped shape Theodore Roosevelt from a clumsy boy “wearing big spectacles and weighing a scant 135 pounds” into a Rough Rider. Among the big turning points for Roosevelt was when he summited Katahdin after his other relatives couldn’t. Roosevelt had discovered that he was tougher than he thought!

Books: The famed TR toughness? He learned it in Maine’s woods – Maine Sunday Telegram – April 25, 2010

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Summiting Highpoints in the Nude

The Guardian in an article by nude hiker Hank Wangford reports that Nepal is moving to ban nude summiting Everest after a climber stripped on the summit in 2006.

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Governors of Maine and New Brunswick Agree to Climb Each Others Highpoints

The governors of Maine and New Brunswick, Canada, have agreed to climb each other’s highpoints in 2008 according to Mainteoday.

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Lightning Fatality at Baxter State Park reports a lightning strike killed 24-year-old Evans Huber of Peak’s Island at the Katahdin Stream campground on August 26 and hurt his brother 18-year-old Emmett Huber.

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Climbing Kate

Perhaps you never thought of it, but the nickname for Katahdin is “Kate.” At least that’s the nickname for a boat according to the Press Herald.

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Governor Climbs Katahdin

Governor makes it to summit of Katahdin, ME – Jul 13, 2007 John Baldacci and some members of his climbing party pause Wednesday along Mount Katahdin’s Saddle Trail. From left are Jack Baldacci, the governor’s son,


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Profile of Maine's Harry Vanderweide

Maintoday has an amusing article Harry Vanderweide a rotound character who is frequently evoked in various Maine battles.

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