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Lightning Nicks Right Thumb of Christ on Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro

A lightning strike nicked off the right thumb of Christ on Mount Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro.

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Photo of Lightning Strike on Mount Washington WPKQ Radio Tower on June 23

The Mount Washington Observatory has an interesting shot of a lightning strike this afternoon on the WKPQ tower.Facebook.

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Lightning Knocks Mauna Kea Telescope

A huge lightning storm on Mauna Kea knocked out the University of 41-year old Hawaii’s 2.2 meter telescope — the first on the mountain.

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Group Climbing Wyoming Grand Slam Caught in Lightening Storm

Details are coming out about a group caught in an unexpected lightening storm on Teton that killed one of them. Some members of the group were seeking to climb the “Wyoming Grand Slam” — reaching the summits of Gannett Peak, … Continue reading

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30-30 Rule on Lightning

This article on Mount Elbert showing ominous clouds coming has this: There’s a 30-30 rule for lightning. Every five seconds between seeing a bolt and hearing thunder indicates about a mile between you and the lightning, Gratz said. So the … Continue reading

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Lightning Fatality at Baxter State Park

Boston.com reports a lightning strike killed 24-year-old Evans Huber of Peak’s Island at the Katahdin Stream campground on August 26 and hurt his brother 18-year-old Emmett Huber.

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Hiker Struck By Lightning at 2:40 PM on Mount Elbert Descent

News reports indicate that 28-year-old Justin Eggleston was struck in the head by lightning about 2:40 p.m., Sunday, Aug 15 while coming off Mount Elbert.

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Lightning Fatality in Tent at Killarney Provincial Park in Canada

Sootoday reports Victor Rossokhaty was killed by a lightning strike on their tent at Topaz Lake on the La Cloche Silhouette Trail in the Killarney Provincial Park in Canada.

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Scout Group Struck By Lightning on Whitney Climb

The San Francisco Chronicle reports a Scout leader was killed in a lightning strike at 10,500 feet on Mount Whitney.

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3 Fatalities as 16,000 Including President Climb Ukraine's Highest Mountain Hoverla

KVIPost reports three people died while climbing Ukraine’s highest point Hoverla to celebrate the 15th anniversary of this ex-Soviet republic’s declaration of sovereignty.

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