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Climber Airlifted Off Grand Teton After 65 Foot Fall

WQAD reports Anthony Brandon, of Dubuque was airlifted on Grand Teton after falling 65 feet.

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2 Airlifted Off Emmons Glacier on Rainier After 4 p.m. Summit Descent

KING5 reports the Oregon National Guard airlifted two hikers off of Emmons Glacier on Rainier.

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Woman Breaks Leg On Mount Washington, Oregon

The Statesman-Journal reports a helicopter rescued Joan Ding near the summit of Mout Washington, Oregon, after she fel 15 feet breaking her leg and finger.

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Fatal 50 Foot Fall at Annapolis Rock on AT in Maryland

The AP reports Matthew J. All fell 50 feet from Annapolis Rock off the AT in South Mountain State Park in near Boonsboro, Maryland.

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Fall on Eighth Pitch of East Buttress on El Capitan

A climber survived a fall on the eight pitch of the East Buttress Route on El Capitan in Yosemite.

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11 Injured in Lightning Strike at Old Faithful

11 visitors were injured in a lightning strike at Old Faithful in Yellowstone.

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Firefighter Falls 1000 Feet Down Gibralter Chute on Rainier

The Seattle Times reports Mike Berry fell 1,000 feet at Gibralter Chute on Rainier.

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Report: Everest Eurocopter Landing Was Hoax

Everestnews is reporting that the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has said the pilot of the Eurocopter has told them that he did not actually land on the Everest summit on May 14 and 15 as widely publicized but rather … Continue reading

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Photos of Eurocopter Landing on Everest

Eurocopter has released a gallery showing the landing of its Ecureuil/AStar AS 350 B3 helicopter piloted by Didier Delsalle on Mount Everest on May 14 and May 15.

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3 Airlifted Off Mount Logan in 140 KPH Winds

Canada.com reports 3 climbers were short lined by 3 helicopters off of Mount Logan after 140 kph winds shredded their tents in -30C weather.

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