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WLBZ-TV Crew Member Airlifted After Fall on Katahdin Knife Edge

Dan Frye, a member of WLBZ-TV fell 10-12 feet off the Knife Edge on Katahdin and was airlifted off the mountain by the Maine Army National Guard Blackhawk medivac helicopter from the 126th National Guard Medivac Unit on July 15

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Army Called to Rescue Mount McKinley Who Was Acting Too Erratically for the Park Service

Two Fort Wainwright army helicopters were called to rescue a mountaineer on a guided Denali Climber who was acting “eratically.” The Park Service helicopter normally used in rescues was deemed unsafe for such a situation. The Park Service reported they … Continue reading

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Climber Presumed Dead Following Mount Rainier Avalanche on Ingraham Glacier Direct Route

A slab avalanche on Mount Rainier on June 5 hit 11 climbers on the Ingraham Direct Route. 10 of the climbers were rescued. The 11th climber was not registered to climb. A US Army Reserve Helicopter from Fort Lewis removed … Continue reading

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4 Helicopter Rescues on Denali

There have been 4 recent helicopter rescues on Denali: *Solo climber Luc Benoit fell 1,000 feet while climbing the West Rib *Guide climber suffering high altitude pulmonary edema at the 17,200-foot camp *A climber suffering from altitude illness at 14,200 … Continue reading

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2 Rescued After Falling 50 meters on Rainier Cornice

Rangers rescued a man and woman from Quebec on Monday, April 26 after they fell 50 meteres after they had raveled over the Muir Snowfield and between Muir Rock Anvil Rock on Mount Rainier. After being pulled from the crevasse … Continue reading

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Backcountry Accidents: Helicopter Rescue of Dog and Hikers in California, AT Accident in Maryland, Fatal Fall in Illinois

Here’s a round up of backcountry accidents in California, Maryland and Illinois.

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4 Hour Helicopter Rescue at Seven Falls, Arizona

Tucson hiker fell 30 feet at Seven Falls on Monday, requiring a dramatic, four-hour helicopter rescue.

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Helicopter Rescue on Mount Cranberry in Maine

Boston.com reports Steven Mazerolle, 52, of China, broke his leg while climbing a steep snow and ice covered portion of the Appalachian Trail on Mount Cranberry in was with two others on Saturday when he fell on ice- and snow-covered … Continue reading

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Helicopter Rescue Following 25 Foot Fall on Mount Lemmon

KVOA reports Walthand Mooseman fell 25 feet while climbing Mount Lemmon near Windy Point in Arizona.

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Czech Helicopter Company Offers $52 Rescue Policy

Prague Monitor reports winter climbers in the Czech Republic can pay $52 to guarantee helicopter rescues.

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