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Officials Killing Sheep to Protect Palila Bird on Mauna Kea

Marksmen from helicopters are shooting sheep on Mauna Kea to protect the endangered palila Bird. The sheep eat mamane trees which is the source of seeds for the birds.

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Dramatic Drop in Number of Palila Birds on Mauna Kea

A report says palila birds, a members of the honeycreeper family that live on Mauna Kea , have decreased from 4,400 in 2003 to about 1,200 in 2010.

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Keck Observatory Finds Another Planet With Water

The Keck Observatory on Mauna Kea has found a planet that has liquid water.

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A Plant Thought Extinct Found on Mauna Kea

Nature Conservancy and Parker Ranch report they have found a Clermontia peleana singuliflora plant on a ohia tree on Mauna Kea. The plant had thought to be extinct was last seen on the Big Island in 1909.

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Lava Flows in Hawaii Originall Called Pyroduct

An article on the history of volcanology notes that Titus Coan, a Christian missionary in Hilo between 1835 and his death in 1882, who theorized how lava could travel so far from its vent. Coan was one of the first … Continue reading

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Mauna Kea Brush Fire Reroutes Traffic on Saddle Road

Authorities report that a brush fire that has caused rerouting of traffic on Saddle Road on Mauna is 60 percent contained. Traffic is being detoured through an old section of Saddle Road and Mauna Kea State Recreation Area remains closed … Continue reading

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New Study Says Precipitation Was 3X What It Is Now During Mauna Kea’s Glacier Period

A study published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters by scientists from Oregon State University, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, University of British Columbia and U.S. Geological Survey and supported by the National Science Foundation investigates the ancient glaciers on … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin Might Be Right: Kodiak Is Bigger Than Hawaii Island (in terms of coastline)

The Anchorage Daily News has an amusing tale of determining the U.S. largest island — Kodiak Island or the Island Of Hawaii. The debate was spurred by Sarah Palin’s calling Kodiak the biggest. The News concluded that Hawaii is the … Continue reading

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Gemini Observatory on Mauna Kea Photographs First Planet

The Gemini Telescope on Mauna Kea is the first land based telescope to photograph a planet outside the solar system.

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Hawaii’s Wet Season was the Driest in 30 Years

Hawaii has closed portions of the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve and the Kaohe Game Management Area through August 31 because of drought. This is in wake of the National Weather Service announcement that the October 2009 to April 2010 Hawaiian … Continue reading

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