Syfy Network Ghosthunters at Mount Washington Lodge

Members of the Queensbury Paranormal Investigation Team are filming at the Mount Washington Lodge for an episode of SyFy Network’s “Ghosthunters.”

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Ghost of the Old Coot on Mount Greylock on Bellow’s Pipe Trail

We earlier reported that Massachusetts was considering changing its Greylock displays to possibly more thoroughly tell the tale of the ghost on Bellow’s Pipe Trail on Greylock. This report says the ghost is that of a Union soldier. When he returned home from the Civil War his wife had married another. He headed up the trail to live as a hermit. His ghost is now seen always going up the mountain — never down. Here’s another more detailed report saying that he is reported to have been photographed twice. He usually haunts the lower sections of the trail and is most often seen in January.

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