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Apa Sherpa Climbs Everest 21 Time – Here’s His Bag

Gizmodo has an interesting article on Apa Sherpa who climbed Everest a record 21 times and now lives in Utah. It particularly highlights the eco items in his bag.

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Abandoned on Everest

Gizmodo has some pretty grisly photos about Everest climbs run awry.

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Nifty Article on Everest Gear

Gizmodo has a nifty article and gallery of equipment used on Everest.

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Poll: Should 13-year-old Jordan Romeo been allowed to climb Everest?

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Nepal Requires Everest Climbers to Be At Least 16

Andrea Peyser of the New York Post is leading the charge criticizing parental actions in the 13-year-old Jordan Romero’s successful Everest summit over the weekend. Her article is entitled “The peak of stupidity” The article compares him to Balloon Boy … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romero Summits Everest

13-year-old Jordan Romeo set a record for youngest Everest climber on May 22 when he summited Everest with his dad and his dad’s girlfiend. He called his mom with the news. “Mom, I’m calling you from the top of the … Continue reading

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Genetists Say Low Hemoglobin Gene Allow Tibetans To Thrive at High Altitude

A Chinese and University of Utah study identifies that genes that allows Tibetans to live at high altitude. The study says that Tibetans produce less hemoglobin which ferries oxygen molecules through the bloodstream however more hemoglobin also increase blood thickness. … Continue reading

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Veteran climber plans to celebrate Victory Day, climbing new route on the North Peak of Everest

We go this note from the 7 summits club, a Russian website devoted to climbing the 7 summits. May 9 Russia celebrates Victory Day, the most significant holiday for our country. Nickolay Cherny, who last year turned 71 years old, … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romeo Blogging, Tweetering and Being Interviewed on NPR on Everest Climb

13 year old Jordan Romeo who is attempting to set a record for the youngest Everest climber (as well as younger 7 summit climber) is blogging and tweeting from Everest. He was also interviewed on NPR talking about doing homework … Continue reading

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Profile of RMI and IMG Guide Services

The News Tribune has a profile of Route 706 neighbors International Mountain Guides led by Eric Simonson and Rainier Mountaineering Inc. led by Paul Maier and their $70,000 a person guiding trips up Everest. Prices on Everest are t $40,000 … Continue reading

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