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170,000 To Form Human Ring Around Armenian Highpoint Aragats

Panamerian.net reports 170,000 people are to form a living chair around Armenia’s highest point — Aragats.

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The Gendarme Peak on Grand Sasso Named John Paul II's Peak

The Catholic News and other publications report a The Gendarme peak on the Grand Sasso in Italy’s Appennines has been renamed John Paul’s Peak.

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Woman Falls 500 Feet With Boyfriend on Ben Nevis

Evening News reports Amy Rudge, 29, from the Shawlands area of Glasgow, fell about 500 feet in the Aonach Beag area of Ben Nevis.

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Wales Climbing Instructor Fined After Belayers Mistake Let Go of Rope Command

ICWales reports climbing instructor John McDermott was fined £1,500 after a woman was paralyzed from the waist down after belayers let go of a rope after hearing his command which was intended to the climber. Lisa Brennin was attending a … Continue reading

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Austria To Wrap Snow With Foil to Prevent Melting

The Taipei Times reports that Austrian ski resorts plan to wrap their snow with plastic foil to decrease melting.

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Peak on Appennines Highest Massif in Italy to Be Named "John Paul's Peak"

Various news sources report that a peak on the Gran Sasso is to be named “John Paul’s Peak” on May 18 — the Pope’s 85th birthday. The Gran Sasso is the highest massif in the Appennines range which runs along … Continue reading

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Avalanche Kills 3 in French Alps

News24 reports 3 climbers in the in the Ecole en Bauges region of Savoie in the French Alps near Grenoble were swept to their deaths by an avalanche, Local officials in Savoie said an investigation would be carried out into … Continue reading

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Fatal Avalanche on Grossglockner – Austria's highest mountain

The AP reports an avalanche on Grossglockner – Austria’s highest mountain – swept away two Hungarian backcountry skiers killing one. There were avalanches throughout Europe. A 48-year-old German man was found dead after he and his son were swept away … Continue reading

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Proposal for $10 Million Snowdon Summit Cafe Stalls

The BBC reports officials are unable to raise nearly $4 Million to replace the Showdon Cafe which was once labelled a “slum” by Prince Charles. The current concrete block cafe is nearly 70 years old and deteriorating. Snowdonia National Park … Continue reading

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New Analysis Shows Denmark Highpoint Changes for Ejer-Bavne to Mllehj

The highest point of Denmark was until now Ejer-Bavne with a “record”-height of 170.89 meters. A group of experts under the lead of the geographical institute, after having made extensiv measurements and even drillings, came to the conclusion that this … Continue reading

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