Official New USGS Maps Show McKinley is 83 Feet Shorter Than Earlier Reported (20,237 feet rather than 20,320 feet)

New USGS and Alaska maps show McKinley is 83 feet shorter at 20,237 feet rather than 20,320 feet — still the highest mountain in the US.

You can see the difference in the maps from the new digital maps with the old raster maps. The new maps have different contours on South Peak which is the highpoint. Download the McKinley map (AK_Mount_McKinley_A-3_SE_20130905_TM_geo_ (which is also available from the National Map) Here’s the link to the USGS Alaska Initiative.

Here’s a press release from Alaska Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell:


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Report Indicates Mount Whitney is 14,508 Feet

The Whitney Portal has a discussion about Mount Whitney actually being 14,508 feet. Thanks to Alan Ritter for posting this on our forum.

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