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Man Arrested for “Stealing” Glacier

Police in Patagonia, Chile have arrested a man for stealing 5 tons of ice from the Jorge Montt Glacier to be used for cocktail drink ice.

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40 Year Anniversary of 1970 Unsolved Mount Magazine Murder

AY Magazine is reporting on the incident went a headless torso was found on Mount Magazine on April 15, 1970. Somebody looking for poke in the freshly burned fields on the mountain noticed: Sitting upright, on a tree stump, was … Continue reading

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Monument Erected to One of Victims of 1971 Mount Magazine Rampage

A monument has been erected by Lake Swim Beach at Blue Mountain Lake in honor of David Small, who was left for dead in the trunk of a car, following a murder rampage by two Oklahoma State Prison escapees around … Continue reading

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4 Shot in Spurce Knob Camping Area

WBOY reports that four people were shot on Saturday, May 1, at the Spruce Knob Lake camping area following a road rage incident. Another report that the shooter was among the wounded after he shot himself in the foot. None … Continue reading

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NRA Bankrolls Defense in Arizona Hiker Shooting

The Grant Kuenzili case in Arizona where he was killed in a dog altercation is in a sensation trial there.

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Jury in Arizona Hiker Shooting Find Bullet on Trail

A jury member in the Grant Kuenzli case found a bullet at the crime scene when they were taken there.

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2nd Degree Murder Charges Refiled in Arizona Trail Dog Confrontration

The Arizona Daily Sun reports Harold Fish has been charged again for the second-degree murder of unarmed Grant Kuenzli following a dog confrontration on a trail near Payson, Arizona

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Murder Charges Refiled in Arizona Trail Dog Confrontation

Arizona Central reports prosecutors have refiled the second degree murder charges against Harold Fish who is accused of shooting an unarmed hiker in a dog confrontation at a Coconino County trailhead near Payson this spring.

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Woman Seeks to Have Husband Declared Dead After He Didn't Return from Hike in Volcano National Park

According to the Star Bulletin an Indiana woman is asking that her husband be declared legally dead after not apparently not returning from a hike in Volcano Lands National Park. Tamara Lynch filed a missing-person report with the Warrick County … Continue reading

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Police Puzzled Over Knifing of Hiker Near Red Rocks in Colorado

Police Puzzled Over Knifing of Hiker Near Red Rocks in Colorado

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