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Couple Blames Park Service for Not Properly Warning of Whitney Hazards

This report seems to be somewhat ambiguous on the details but a couple who were injured on Whitney are blaming the park service for not properly signing the dangers.

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Record 14 Fatalities in Yosemite This Year

A record number of 14 people have died in Yosemite accidents this year.

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Amazing Time Lapse Video of Cottonwood Lakes to Whitney

Here’s an amazing time lapse video of Cottonwood Lakes to Whitney. I have no idea how they could keep that camera so steady!

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First Whitney Access Lottery February 16

The first lottery for access to Mount Whitney will be February 16. Your requests to participate in the lottery must be completed by March 15 for other drawings. Details are on the Forest Service Website. Unfortunately at this writing the … Continue reading

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Disney Tears Down Mount Whitney

Disney has torn down the Mount Whitney/Mount Shasta mural on its California Adventure entrance to replace it with Buena Vista Street. Which will be this romanticized version of the Los Angeles that Walt Disney encountered in the 1920s after he … Continue reading

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History of Sierra-Nevada Growth

Hari Mix and Page Chamberlain of Stanford have published a report on the growth of the Sierra Nevada 50 million years ago and ending some 20 million years ago rising from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and passing through … Continue reading

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5 Emerge From Being Snowed in On Mount Whitney

All five hikers who were missing for nearly 5 days on Mount Whitney following a snowstorm on October 18 have been accounted for. Phillip Abraham, Stevan Filipsand Dale Clymens, all of Omaha were found in a cave. They had initially … Continue reading

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Doing a Yo Yo on Mount Whitney

Signon San Diego reports on “Crazy Jack” Northam who has climbed Mount Whitney 86 times including 4 “yo yo” where he climbed it up and back twice in a day. His goal is to join a club of people who … Continue reading

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Badwater to Whitney Summit Record Holder in New Documentary “Running America”

A new documentary focuses on Marshall Ulrich running 3,063 miles, from San Francisco to New York, in 52.5 days. (Frank Giannino holds the coast-to-coast speed record, running 3,103.5 miles in just over 46 days in 1980). Among Ulrich’s credits is … Continue reading

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NY Times article on Whitney and Owens Valley

The New York Times has an extensive article on Mount Whitney and places to visit in the Owens Valley.

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