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Mount Mitchell Trail Closed Because of Bears

Mount Mitchell State Park has closed the Mount Mitchell Trail and the National Forest has closed the Commissary Ridge Campground because of bear activity. *Mount Mitchell warnings *NFS warning Facebook entry

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Arkansas Closes Park So Bears Can Pick Berries

Arkansas has closed Queen Wilhelmina State Park temporarily due to increased bear activity. The release notes that during berry season the bears get more active and also warns visitors about bears on Mount Magazine.

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Bears No Longer Relocated to Mount Rogers

Living in bear country – a privilege and a responsibility Rappahannock News, VA – Jul 3, 2007 In the past, he was involved in relocating bears to the Mount Rogers area of Virginia, but this is no longer an option … Continue reading

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Accidents: PCT and Mount Bona Fatalities, Bicyclist Bear Encounter in Banff

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Coyote, Bear, Mountain Lion Attacks in CO, MA, TN, WA

Here’s a summary of coyote, bear and mountain lion reports in Tennessee, Washington, Colorado and Massachusetts.

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Glacier Grizzly Mom Spared After Attack on Hikers

Helenair reports a female grizzly that attacked and injured two California hikers in August in Glacier National Park will be spared because authorities believe she reacted to a perceived threat to her two cubs.

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Bear Spray Spares Yellowstone Hikers in Grizzly Attack

The AP reports say two hikers near Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone were attacked fully stride by a grizzly bear which relented after being sprayed in the face by bear spray.

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Rash of Banff Grizzly Attacks in Suprise Encounters With Sows and Cubs

The Globe and Mail reports a grizzly with a sow attacked hikers on a trail in Banff.

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Swiss Hikers Told To Sing Show Tunes to Scare Away Bears

Ananova reports flyers are telling Swiss hikers to sing showtunes — particularly songs from “The Sound of Music” to scare away bears.

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Hikers Videotaped High Point Bear Attack

Philadelphia NBC10 reports hikers videotaped the High Point bear attack for 30 seconds before coming to the victim’s assistance.

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