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18 Killed Mount Kangru in Nepal Avalanche

Outlook India reports 18 climbers including seven French nationals were killed in an avalanche on 6981m Mount Kangru in north-west district of Manang in Nepal.

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5 Avalanche Fatalities on Mount Chomiomo in Sikkim, India

NewIndia Press reports five were killed in an avalanche on Mount Chomiomo.

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Jerzy Michalski Seeks to Be Oldest Everest and 7 Summit Completer at 75

Everest News reports Jerzy Michalski wants to be the oldest to climb Everest and the 7 summits at 75.

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Nanga Parbat Discovery Deepens Reinhold Messner Mystery

The discovery of a leather boot and body on Nanga Parbat has only deepened the controvery whether climbing legend Reinhold Messner abandoned his 24-year-old brother Gunther 30 years ago.

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6 Avalanche Fatalities on Chaukhamba

Sify reports six soldiers from India were swept away in an avalanche on 7,163 metre high Chaukhamba.

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ImageNet Job Interview Await Successful Fuji Climbers

Asia1.com reports prospects for job at ImageNet had to climb Mount Fuji in order to get an interview with the fashion label. Two executives of ImageNet waited at a table at the top to interview those who made it to … Continue reading

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Everest Record Climber Wants to Spend 24 Hours on Summit and Also to Climb Everest and Lotse on Same Day

Everest Speed Record Holder Pemba Dorjee wants to spend 24 hours on the Everest summit and also to climb Lotse and Everest on the same day.

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Turkey To Prosecute Iranian Climbing Party in Fatal Ararat Climb

Iranmania reports Turkey will prosecure Iranian climbers after one of the party was killed on Mount Ararat.

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Erica Kutcher Fatality in Pakistan Shipton Spire Climb

The Daily News reports Erica Kutcher, 27, perished in an avalanche near Shipton Spire in Pakistan. The story has gotten massive publicity in the New York City media since she is a resident of Great Neck on Long Island. It … Continue reading

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Blackmail, Threats, Extortion Hamper Climbing in Pakistan

K2Climb.net has an article on dfficulties with climbing in Pakistan including outlandish charges for rescues and blackmailing in order to get permits.

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