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McKinley to Denali Name Change Legislation Passes out of Senate Committee

Senate Bill 155 to change the name of Mount McKinley to Denali has was approved by the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Per past instance Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman whose state includes the home of William McKinley … Continue reading

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Alaskan shoots charging lactating moose near Denali Park visitor center

A man with two young children shot a lactating moose with a sidearm. The moose is only the second large animal shot by a visitor to the park since firearms were permitted in the park in 2010. Alaskan shoots charging … Continue reading

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Climbers plan to honor first expedition to reach Denali summit – Fairbanks Daily News-Miner: Dermot Cole

Today is the 100th anniversary of the June 7, 2013 first climb of Mount McKinley by Robert Tatum, Walter Harper, Harry Karstens and Hudson Stuck. Celebrations include a climb by: The 2013 climbing party includes: Sam Tatum, great-grandnephew of Robert … Continue reading

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Descendents of 1913 First Ascent of Mount McKinley Prepare Centennial Climb

Descendents of the first climbers of Mount McKinley Hudson Stuck, Harry Karstens and Walter Harper are preparing a Centennial Climb celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1913 event.

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Curiosity’s Shot of Aeolis Mons on Mars Sure Looks Like Mount McKinley

Some blogs are noting the black and white photo that Curiosity sent back of 18,000 foot high Aeolis Mons on Mars sure looks like a snow covered Mount McKinley. If we see this driver then we’ll know for sure.

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Proposal to Rename Talkeetna Ranger Station for First McKinley Climber Walter Harper

Alaska Senator has introduced legislation to rename Mount McKinley to Mount Denail and to rename the Talkeetna Ranger Station for Walter Harper who is the first credited climber of the mountain. Legislation to rename the mountain has been introduced for … Continue reading

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4 McKinley Climbers Presumed Dead in Avalanche

Four members of the Miyagi Workers Alpine Federation were presumed killed in an avalanche on Thursday, June 14, 2012. The climbers are 64-year-old Yoshiaki Kato, 50-year-old Masako Suda, 56-year-old Michiko Suzuki, and 63-year-old Tamao Suzuki.

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Finnish Skiier Killed While Skiing Down Mount McKinley

Finnish skiier Ilkka Uusitalo was killed May 23, 2012 on Mount McKinley as he attempted to ski down a chute at 17,800 feet. His body was flown off the mountain. He is the second fatality on McKinley during this climbing … Continue reading

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Unroped Climber Falls to Death While Attempting to Retrieve Backpack on McKinley

German climber Steffen Machulka fell to his death while attempting to retrieve a backpack on that had started to slide on May 18, 2012. He was not roped to fellow climbers in an area on the West Buttress at 16,200 … Continue reading

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Investigation Into How McKinley Climber Perished While Following Guide’s Orders and Another Climber Ignoring the Orders Survived

The Alaska Dispatch has an amazing investigation into the May 2011 death of Beat Neiderer on Mount McKinley. Neiderer had stayed at Denali Pass to award rescue on his guide’s instructions and wound up freezing to death while another injured … Continue reading

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