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Italian in Fatal Annapurna Fall in Attempt to Become 13th to Complete 7 Summits

Reuters reports Italian climber Christian Kunters, 42, died in an avalanche on Annapurna.

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McKinley Snow Obliterates Italian's Passport and Return Plane Ticket

The Anchorage Daily News reports Italian David Bergamin cached his passport, plane ticket, spare food, extra fuel and other gear at the Motorcycle Hill camp near 11,000 feet on McKinley and then lost them creating a minidisaster for him when … Continue reading

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Ed Viesturs Summits Annapurna To Become First American To Complete all 8,000 Metre Peaks

Mounteverest.net reports Ed Viesturs summited Annapurna and became the first American to summit all 14 8,000+ metre peaks. Only 12 climbers have done all 14. Viesturs summited all without supplementary O2 — something only five other climbers have done.

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Twins In Fatal Denali Pass Fall

The Anchorage Daily News reports that twin 55-year-old brothers Jerry and Terry Humphrey of Negley, Ohio, fell to their deaths after summiting McKinley.

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Blind Australian Climber Halts Everest Attempt After Guide Forgets to Tell Him About Creavasse

smh.com reports blind Australian Gerrad Gossens halted his Everest climb after falling into a creavasse his guide did not warn him about.

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Annabelle Bond on Denali Seeking to Be Fastest and Youngest Woman 7 Summit Completer

newstalkzb reports Annabelle Bond is on Denali seeking to be the youngest and fastest woman to climb the 7 summits.

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Avalanche Levels Everst Camp 1 and Injures 5

EverestNews reports an avalanche injured 5 climbers – including one without a permit – and flattened 60 to 70 tents at Camp 1 on Everest.

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Everest Fatality on Climb for Mother's Charity

Newswatch50 reports an Oswego, NY, man on a charity climb Everest for his mother fell into a crevasse.

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RMI Expands Guide Service to 5 of 7 Summits

The News Tribune reports that Rainier Mountaineering Inc. which will lose its monoply to Rainier guided climbs in 2006 plans to leads trip to 5 of the 7 summits.

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Canadian Seeking to Be Oldest Everest Climber Has Fatal Heart Attack at Camp One

The Herald reports Sean Egan, 63, of Ottawa had a heart attack while leading an Everest expedition in hopes of becoming the oldest Canadian to climb the mountain.

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