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Carson Crane Claims to Be First Openly Gay Mountaineer to Complete 7 Summits

Carson Crane, age 20, has claimed to be the first openly gay mountaineer to climb the seven summits after completing on Mount McKinley. He also claims to be the fifth youngest to complete. Crane was climbing for charity for rainbowsummits.org … Continue reading

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Vern Tejas Climbs Denali and Everest in Same Week En Route to Record 134 Days for 7 Suumits Climbs

Vern Tejas climbed Mount Everest (May 24) and Mount McKinley (May 31) within a week of each other en route to climb the 7 summits (plus New Guinea) in 134 days. Tejas climbed the summits 187 days in 2005. It … Continue reading

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Veteran climber plans to celebrate Victory Day, climbing new route on the North Peak of Everest

We go this note from the 7 summits club, a Russian website devoted to climbing the 7 summits. May 9 Russia celebrates Victory Day, the most significant holiday for our country. Nickolay Cherny, who last year turned 71 years old, … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romeo Blogging, Tweetering and Being Interviewed on NPR on Everest Climb

13 year old Jordan Romeo who is attempting to set a record for the youngest Everest climber (as well as younger 7 summit climber) is blogging and tweeting from Everest. He was also interviewed on NPR talking about doing homework … Continue reading

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Boy Who Climbed McKinley at 11 Seeking to Climb Everest at 13

Jordan Romero of Los Angeles is seeking to be the youngest to climb Everest. He was climbed Kilimanjaro at 10 and Aconcagua and McKinley at 11. His father and step-mother will accompany him. He has climbed six of the seven … Continue reading

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Profile of Mount McKinley's Weather Station

The Associated Press has an article about Japanese mountaineer Yoshitomi Okura climb of Mount McKinley each year to install its weather station.

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Dinosaur Tracks on Mount McKinley

Another set of dinosaur tracks have been found on Denali.

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Everest Roundup: Playboy Bunny, Double Amputee and Oldest Summit

Highlights thus far in the Everest 2006 season: the climb by a Playboy bunny, a double amputee, the oldest summiter (70), and the 16th climb by a sherpa.

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World Backcountry Accidents in South Africa, Mount Lhotse, Everest, Russia

Here is the May 13 round up of backcountry accidents in South Africa, Mount Lhotse, Everest, Russia

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Claim of 5 Hour 18 Minute Climb of Elbrus

Christian Stangel claims to have climbed Elbrus in a record 5 hours 18 minutes.

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