Highest Point Between the Europe and Colorado?

One of the great urban legends of highpointing is that Harney Peak is the “highest point between Europe and Colorado.” The question is sometimes refined to “highest point between the Alps and the Rockies” and also refined to the “highest point between the Applachians and the Rockies.” Here’s a list of significant peaks in North America and the Caribbean going from east to west and indicating their west longitude.

Gunnbjornsfjeld (a/k/a Gunnbjorn) (Greenland) 29.78 (12,139 feet – also highest point north of Arctic Circle)
Aconcagua (Argentina) 70.02 (22,834 feet)
Pico Duarte (Dominican Republic) 71.02 (10,417 feet)
Clingmans Dome (TN) 83.499 (6,643 feet)
Orizaba Mexico 97.27 (18,701 feet)
Mount Sunflower (KS) 102.037 (4,039 feet)
Geneva (CO) 103.4998 (5,721 feet)
Harney Peak (SD) 103.531 (7,242 feet)
Panorama Point (NE) 104.033 (5,424 feet)
Guadalupe Peak (TX) 104.860 (8,749 feet)
Pikes Peak (CO) 105.044 (14,110 feet)

So in the famous claim of the highest point between the Europe and the Rockies the answer would have to be that’s an unfair question since Orizaba in Mexico is higher than anything Europe (Elbrus is 18,481 feet) and anything in Colorado. And if you want to be even more particular Aconcagua at 22,834 feet in South America is even further east and as the highest point in the Western Hemisphere also outshines Mount McKinley (South America only goes as far west as the equivalent of Pennsylvania!)

If you count out Mexico and Argentina, the claim would go to Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic to the south or Gunnbjornsfjeld to the north in Greenland (also highest point north of the Arctic Circle).

If you change the language to just the lower 48 then the title would go to Guadalupe Peak in Texas (rather than Harney as people usually say).

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