Army Called to Rescue Mount McKinley Who Was Acting Too Erratically for the Park Service

Two Fort Wainwright army helicopters were called to rescue a mountaineer on a guided Denali Climber who was acting “eratically.” The Park Service helicopter normally used in rescues was deemed unsafe for such a situation. The Park Service reported they have never encountered such a situation.

Details released subsequently said the climber wanted to paraglide off the summit (although he signed an affidavit saying he wouldn’t). Climbers on the West Bustress told park officials of unsafe glacier travel, lack of appropriate gear, littering and strange mannerisms. He was being treated for hypothermia at the 14,200 foot camp when officials discovered the paraglider in his sled. He was was strapped on a backboard and transported by Alaska State Troopers to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital where he was released after spending a night.

The 25-year-old climber Andrew Randolph is from Pennsylvania and said he was being discriminated against because he was climbing solo. The government is considering billing him for the rescue.

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