Rhode Island Governor Citing Lack of Competition Vetoes “Jerimoth Hill” as state poem

Rhode Island Governor Carcieri vetoed “Jerimoth Hill” as the state poem by penning a tome himself:

“Per Constitution and Rhode Island Law
“Bill 2010 H-8238
“I must disapprove since it holds a flaw.
“It would by law a State Poem create.
“A worthy poet had written those lines
“Off ‘ring thoughts about a Rhode Island hill.
“This famous bard would certainly decline
“Since other poets were unheard from still.
“For no contest was held or survey done
“To find out what other poems might show.
“Open process lets inspiration run
“So I ask your support of this veto.
“Art is not art if the state must decree.
“Verses are best when we let poems be.”

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