Congressman Charles Taylor to Sell North Carolina Side of Sassafras Mountain to Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy

Charles Taylor, a former North Carolina Congressman, who owns the land on the North Carolina side of Sassafras Mountain has announced the plan to sell the 8,000 acre East Fork Headwaters tract for $33 million to the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy. The estimated market value is $63 million and he will get gift tax credits. He bought the land in the 1980s from Champion Paper. It is the largest privately owned property tract in western North Carolina.

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  • Thomas burns says:

    Dear Mr. taylor I would be very intrested in either buying a small piece of your land on the right of soloman jones rd at cedar mtn. Or I WOULD entertain an offer to sell , this property.It is 15 acres +or -.I HAVE a cousin who ownes the property that backs up to my property,she as expessed an interst in selling hers also. I would be intersted in hearing from you if there is any interst one way or the other.yours in the faith. Thomas E. Burns

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