Baxter Opens Abol Trail to Katahdin/All others closed

Baxter State Park reports on May 25:

Hunt Trail and Abol Trail are open in their entirety. All other Katahdin Trails remain closed at this time. Traveler Trails are open. Expect to find numerous blow downs on all hiking trails at this time. The Park Tote Road is now open all the way through the Park and the Roaring Brook Road is open to Roaring Brook Campground. All Campgrounds in the Park except Chimney Pond are open.

On May 18 it reported:
Rangers are reporting that there is still several feet of snow in the Saddle and Cathedral Trails on the north side of Katahdin. There is also a foot or more of snow on parts Tableland (the alpine tundra below Baxter Peak). Further the Park reports on its website on May 18 that the Katahdin Trails and the Traveler Loop are closed.

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