Hiking in Obama’s Footsteps on the Mountains to the Sea Trail

Obama’s visit to the Moutains to Sea Trail near Mount Mitchell on the Blue Ridge Parkway has stirred a several hikers to follow in his footsteps. There are also some suggestions about other trails. The President and First Lady hiked from the Ox Creek Road trailhead, heading south and turning around after about a mile.

Randy Johnson, author of s “Best Easy Day Hikes Blue Ridge Parkway” and “Hiking the Blue Ridge Parkway” suggested Mount Mitchell over Blackstock Knob,” Johnson suggested Balsam Gap toward Mount Mitchell over Blackstock Knobsaid starting at Milepost 359 the hike has 360-degree views from Promontory Ridge. He also suggested Greybeard Overlook at Milepost 363.4, just north of Craggy Gardens, and hike north to the Glassmine Falls Overlook at Milepost 361.

Walt Weber, member of the Carolina Mountain Club,and author of “Trail Profiles and Maps: From The Great Smokies to Mount Mitchell and Beyond,” said the Obamas should have gone the other way towards Rattlesnake Lodge Trail and the old Chase Ambler lodge.

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