Sherpa wall climbing competition

7 summits passes this along about an Everest sherpa contest.

On Saturday, 3th of April in Kathmandu a historic event took place – the first commercial climbing competition among Sherpas who work on Everest. Name of competition: \”1-st Everest Sherpa wall climbing competition\”. The idea belongs to the leader of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov and director of Asian Trekking – Dawa Steven Sherpa.

These competitions were designed as a team competition between expeditions. Therefore, the participation fee in the amount of $ 10 per person were paid no Sherpas, but by leaders of expeditions. 11 Sherpas from 7 Summits Club and 11 Sherpas from Asian Trekking and 2 Sherpas from the team of Jamie McGuinness took part in the competitions.

Competitions were held on speed, as pair races without time fixing (elimination system or knock-out system). As a result, 1-st place (as well as 3 and 4) got the Sherpas of the 7 Summits Club, second place went to a Sherpa from Asian Trekking. The winners received prize money provided by the organizers: $ 200 for 1-st place, 100 for second, 50 for 3rd and 50 for 4 th place.

After the competition, all participants ate dalbat and discussed the competition and their results.

Numerous spectators, journalists of the leading Nepali newspapers, legendary climbers were all delighted with this event. President of Nepal Mountaineering Association Ang Tsering offered to make it as an annual event and hold them between all the expeditions, departing on Everest.

Photo on our site:
Great Sherpa Apa (in green) is going for the 20 th climb the summit of Everest. At this time his mission is to place the ashes of Mt Everest conqueror Sir Edmund Hillary on the summit of the world\’s tallest mountain

Press-release of expedition 7 Summits-Club Everest-2010.

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RETURN TO NORTH After a two-year unavailability by political reasons, our club is back to the beloved Northern side of Everest. Although South Face for the year managed to become well loved. Nevertheless, it is on the Tibetan side of Everest where the formation of our company was taken place. Here we gained experience, filled lumps, learned and developed our own standards of service. This experience, we consider invaluable to ensure the safe and most reliable climbing the highest mountain in the world.

EXPERIENCE. We have a lot to be proud of. In recent years, nearly all members of our team reached the top, our camp (base and intermediate) are among the best on the slopes of Everest, our tents are heated, which significantly reduces risk of disease, we work with a constant group of Sherpas, who are our close friends, and fully understand all our requirements and rules. In our group there are two physician etc.

LEADERS. Expedition leader, President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov go to Everest for the tenth time, to his credit three successful climbs. He will lead his seventh expedition to the highest summit of the world. Deputy leader – Nicholai Cherny. His first attempt to climb Mount Everest was in 1982. At the top he was twice, from both side, when he was 67 and 70 years old. In recent years, Nicholai is acting as the senior coach of national Russian expeditions to the highest mountain in the world: Lhotse Middle, Everest North Face, K2 West Face.

Climbers from Poland take part in our expedition, they are mother and son. Their joint ascent may be a record.

List of members
Daniel MIZERA, Poland (1986) . son
Malgorzata Bozena PIERZ-PEKALA, Poland (1957) – mother Krzysztof Flawiusz GINALSLI, Poland (1971) James de Witt WILDE USA (1970) Zdravko DEJANOVIKJ, Macedonia (1965) Elena Gorelik, Russia (1960) Michail Karisalov, Russia, (1973) Vadim Nadvodnyuk, Russia (1970) Mikhail Turovsky, Rossiyal (1961) Andrew Filkov, Russia (1961) Steven BERRY, UK (1955)

Alexander Abramov, Russia (1965) – expedition leader Noel Hanna, Ireland (1964) guide, 2 Everest summiter Maxim Bogatyrev, Russia (1975) guide, Everest summiter Nickolay Cherny (1938) – Deputy head of the expedition, 2 Everest summiter Sergei Larin, Russia (1959) guide-doctor, 2 Everest summiter Igor Pokhvalin, Ukraine (1957) guide-doctor, Everest summiter

Group with permits to the North Col (7000 meters) within the framework of preparations for the ascent to the summit in 2011

Andrew Luss, Russia (1960)
Alexander Perepelkin, Russia (1965)
Svetlana Slavnaya, Russia (1971)
Sergei Dudko, Russia (1964)
Dmitry Krasnov, Russia (1967)

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