Maryland Backbone Mountain Wind Farm Ownership Change

Constellation Energy has acquired the Garrett County windfarm on the Backbone Mountain ridge about 20 miles notheast of the Maryland Hoye-Crest summit. The acquisition was $140 million for the 70-megawatt Criterion wind farm from California-based Clipper Windpower Inc. which operates by Eagle Rock Maryland. It is supposed to come online by the end of 2010

Nordex USA, Inc. has been awarded an order for 20 N90 2.5 megawatt wind turbines on the project dubbed Roth Rock. The 20 high-speed turbines will stand atop Backbone Mountain along an undeveloped ridge stretching three miles (five kilometers)

Meanwhile a group has organized to oppose the farm and enlisted a West Virignia law firm that caused the wind farm on the West Virginia side of Backbone Mountain to be scaled back.

Search for “Save Western Maryland” on Facebook.

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