Make Sure You Visit the Correct Connecticut Highpoint (hint: if you sign the summit log you’re not there!)

Map of Mount Frissell Summit
I am starting to make a career of telling people they have not visited the correct Connecticut highpoint.

A lot of people who climb the most popular route by Round Top Mountain route from the parking lot on the Massachusetts-Connecticut line reach a clearing on the summit, pull down the summit log out of a tree, see a lot of entries talking about how great it was to visit Connecticut’s highest and then they turn around thinking they’ve visited Connecticut’s highest point.

But No!!!!!

The summit log in a tree is actually on the top of Mount Frissell in Massachusetts!

To reach the the Connecticut highpoint you have to walk another 100 yards or so DOWNHILL to reach a stake which marks the actual Connecticut highpoint. The view from the Connecticut Highpoint is clear of trees and so is actually nicer than the summit.

The official USGS database does not list the coordinates of the Connecticut summit (they list the Frissell summit in Massachusetts). The coordinates for the Connecticut highpoint are: 42.0497°N, 73.4828°W

Click here to get a topozone map show the relationship of the summit (marked with the red x) and the Connecticut line.

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