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15-Year-Old Jordon Romero Youngest to Complete 7 Summits With Summit on Vinson Massif

15-year-old Jordan Romero completed Vinson Massif on Christmas Eve 2011 making him the youngest person to complete all 7 summits. * *Wikipedia profile Like this:Like Loading…

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Jordan Romero Begins 50-state quest

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea. Jordan Romero, who last year climbed Everest at age 13, is now embarking on 50 states. Like this:Like Loading…

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romero Summits Everest

13-year-old Jordan Romeo set a record for youngest Everest climber on May 22 when he summited Everest with his dad and his dad’s girlfiend. He called his mom with the news. “Mom, I’m calling you from the top of the … Continue reading

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Nepal Requires Everest Climbers to Be At Least 16

Andrea Peyser of the New York Post is leading the charge criticizing parental actions in the 13-year-old Jordan Romero’s successful Everest summit over the weekend. Her article is entitled “The peak of stupidity” The article compares him to Balloon Boy … Continue reading

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13-Year-Old Jordan Romeo Blogging, Tweetering and Being Interviewed on NPR on Everest Climb

13 year old Jordan Romeo who is attempting to set a record for the youngest Everest climber (as well as younger 7 summit climber) is blogging and tweeting from Everest. He was also interviewed on NPR talking about doing homework … Continue reading

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Boy Who Climbed McKinley at 11 Seeking to Climb Everest at 13

Jordan Romero of Los Angeles is seeking to be the youngest to climb Everest. He was climbed Kilimanjaro at 10 and Aconcagua and McKinley at 11. His father and step-mother will accompany him. He has climbed six of the seven … Continue reading

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Visitors Ignoring Humphreys Peak Ban

Visitors are ignoring the closure of Humphreys Peak and Coconino National Forest because of fire concerns. Like this:Like Loading…

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